Friday, 17 May 2013


It's five years since I've been to Prague and I dare say things have changed.  I'm off there on Monday for a few days with some of my more cultured friends.  They'll be seeking out classical music and museums and while I'm not agin either, I'll be looking for a decent glass or two.

Now I know some of the usual suspects - sorry highly recommended pubs - and know too that IPAs and God knows what else will abound, which should really interesting,  but I'd like some really good lager too, so I need some more specific advice as follows, if my readers would be so kind:

Where does a decent selection of (non PU and Budvar) lager exists and what should I drink there?

Where can we go for decent beer and food where we won't be smoked out?

Which pubs - even really good ones - are the most smoky and should be avoided on that basis?

What's the best around in the area of Rybna, Praha 1?

Can anyone help?  I'd really be most grateful

I also found 700 Kč in notes in my house.  Hope they haven't changed the currency. Should buy a few beers


Mark Dredge said...

I recommend Nota Bena and Restaurace Kulovy Blesk - near Pavlova and not far from the Muzeum end of Wenceslas Square. Both have really good local lagers (like Uneticke) and also some of the more modern styles (Kocour, Matuska and Nomad - Nomad's Karel IPA is one of the best beers I've drunk). RKB is an unusual space (watch for opening hours - some days it's from 5pm) with a kind of beer garden out back and more seating downstairs.

I also liked U Tri Ruzi as a brewpub in the centre of town - nice mix of beers. And if you want more of a walk then there's a brewery at the castle and their IPA is excellent!

I was there a few weeks ago (for a stag do, but we still wanted great beer!) and went to the first three places mentioned for the first time and now I'd never miss them out on a trip to Prague.

Mark said...

There's several places that sell Uneticke pivo - I liked Na Palme, by Palmovka metro. Take a look at Max Bahnson's blog and column in the Prague Post. (You probably already know). The Unetice brewery tap is fairly simple to get to and does good Czech food.
My personal favourite is Klokocnika, near Nusle prison, nearest tram stop Na Veseli. They sell kvasnicove Hubertus. Can get a bit smoky though.

Alistair Reece said...

You are within easy walking distance of:

Pivovarsky klub (yes I know it is a 'usual suspect')
Prague Beer Museum -
Music Bar Skanzen - has excellent Bernard on tap and near PK
U Ferdinanda on Opletalova
Bredovsky Dvur - if you want seriously good tankove PU

Mark said...

Also Prague Beer Museum, Dlouha 46. Loads of beers there, but heard some reports of sub standard product. YMMV

Pivní Filosof said...

I could recommend my book my book, Prague: A Pissheads Pub Guide, but that wouldn't be polite....:)

Now, seriously, near your address, Pivovarský Klub (non smoking), Lokál, Pivovar U Tri Ruzi, U Medvídku are pretty safe bets.

Paul Bailey said...

Excellent Bernard beers, plus goood food at Kyvadlo, just south of Wenceslas Square. I also endorse Velky Al's recommendation of U Ferdinanda (Ferdinand beers, plus good food and non-smoky either).

Last visit we tried Prazsky Most u Valso brew-pub, near Charles Bridge, and also the brew-pub at Strahov Kloster, near the castle - yes Mark, their IPA was excellent. You also won't go far wrong in U Medvídku, even though it's tied to Budvar.

Further out from the city centre in Prague 8, but definitely worth taking a tram ride out to, is the excellent Richter Brewery, brew-pub, very much a locals' pub, but friendly staff whose second language appears to be German rather than English, good food and really good beer.

Also worthy of trip out in the opposite direction is Klasterni senk, past the castle and next to the Brenovsky monastery. Sells Klaster beers.

Finally, mention should be made of the bottled Pardubicky Porter, that I picked up in the large Tesco's, close to U Medvídku, and wrote about here, Definitely worth bringing a few bottles back if you come across it.

Have a good trip Peter, and look forward to the write-up.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

I can second Pivovar U Tri Ruzi, was there a few weeks back — had a nice snack with the beer but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was

Erlangernick said...

So this is a high-brow, cultured piss-up then, as opposed to the normal beard-n-gut sort? May have to head over there and observe youse from afar.

Is Bernard that good? I thought it was along the lines of an industrial conglomerate operation. OTOH, what I've heard to look out for are the delectably soft, flavourful lower-gravity lagers the likes of Koutsky 10°, which you can read about here
or their other beers under the "brewed by" link there.

Looks like you might be in luck with the weather, if a bit nippy -- don't forget the socks with your sandals!

Tandleman said...

Thanks Folks. Much appreciated.

Erlangernick said...

You survive then?