Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Underneath the Arches

I have been in London for a few days and of course visited a few pubs. Shortly after my recent arrival in London,  we walked the mile and a half or so to one of my favourite London pubs, the Pelt Trader.  The place was comfortably busy and, with it being a Tuesday, there was a few less suits than usual.  In fact, quite a good mix of customers  made for a pleasant atmosphere.  Kirsty, a top bar operative if ever there was one, was running the bar with one other staff member. (Or maybe he was running it with her?)   Either way, the place was busy enough for more than two staff, but working as a team,  they never stopped and nobody had to wait long. It was all done with a smile too, reminding me, as if that was really needed, that great bar staff are a prerequisite to a great pub.  The beer here was spot on too, though for once Mallinsons Creak Mouse was a little too sweet for my taste. At 4.8%, it needed more hops. Yes.  A Mallinson's beer needed more hops. I can't believe it either.

I also tried Adnams Dry Hopped Lager, which I liked.  Decent body and a bit of discernable hops, it wasn't a bad drink at all and one I'd happily have again.  Kernal Citra and Summit was decent too, but maybe not their best.  Perhaps I'm just expecting more and more hops from them and certainly less wateriness, but nonetheless we both enjoyed it as our intended last drink, though it didn't bowl us over. The Pelt Trader is a good place,the beer is good, the prices are fair and the staff are brilliant.  Possibly something for others to consider?

Walking home though makes you thirsty, so we nipped into the Draft House in Seething Lane.  I like the buzz of this place and though it is great for people watching, a point or two must be deducted for the awful repetitive bass thumping away.   Hardknott Continuum was my choice and though I did enjoy it, I felt it didn't hang together as well as it might, with some clashing flavours and jaggy edges, though I suspect that's what many like about it. That's a good thing. As I remarked to E, "If we all liked the same beer, there wouldn't be many brewers about."

Profound I am. Or obvious.  I'll take either.

Pleased to report that the Draft House has found the cool setting on the thermostat too!


Neville Grundy said...

"If we all liked the same beer, there wouldn't be many brewers about."

I say something similar on the rare occasion I'm accused of being a real ale zealot. I'm not: other people can drink what they like, but if I'm asked my opinion, I'll try to suggest a real ale that I think they may enjoy. A friend of mine usually just asks: "Which one will I like, Nev." She's usually happy with my choice.

Cooking Lager said...

Do you ever find a proper old cockney Chas n Dave knees up in any of these London boozers these days?

A bit of Gertcha would get even me to step in a pub from time to time.

Bailey said...

The Palm Tree, Mile End, has a house band and 'knees ups'. (Some tension between hipsters and locals, though...)

Tandleman said...

It's hardly knees up music or Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road though is it?

Kirsty said...

I have only just noticed this! So kind! I should get you to write my cv!