Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Footnote to My London Trip

As I emerged blinking into the Manchester sun at Piccadilly Station, a thought occurred to me. Was my mate Graham around? I phoned him. He was a few hundred yards away having a coffee. Despite my thoughts of "no beer today" we met in the Fringe Bar. Two beers tried, Full Mash Seance (4%) was pale, hoppy and thirst quenching. Slightly less hoppy, but as good, was Blackwater Afterlife (4.5%) which was pale, full bodied with a bitter finish. Both Midlands beers by the way. Then across the road to the Smithfield where the very pale brown Phoenix Jack the Lad (4.3%) was astonishingly good, with resiny bitterness throughout and a strong bitter finish. All three beers were spot on, cool, full of condition and fresh as a daisy.

I reflected on the tired, stale, over vented, oxidised, warm and frankly poor beer I had had in London. It was good to be home!

Phoenix Jack the Lad is one of six beers Phoenix are brewing for tickers. I'll cover tickers here very soon!


Zak said...

Sun in Manchester? Do you think I was born yesterday?!

Tandleman said...

No. I've seen you" (-:

Greyman said...

I think tickers, or scratchers, need covering! Maybe you should lay a few down and see what happens in a few years time? Second thoughts, they'd make a bigger mess of your kitchen!