Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Not So Traditional Ale?

Stonch always gently hints that I am a stick in the mud, dyed in the wool, traditional, Luddite kind of geezer who is likely to be bearded, wearing an arran jumper, sandals and festooned with leather drinking vessels and the like. I'm not, but you know the kind of thing.

So he will be surprised to hear that I quite like Greene King's attempt to reach out to younger drinkers, which you can read about in the good old Morning Advertiser . While it is aimed at Old Speckled Hen which I can take or leave - preferably the latter - it is good to see the trade doing something about attracting younger drinkers to ale drinking. One caveat. It doesn't actually say cask ale, rather, it markets it as "the not so traditional ale" so they might be pushing the smooth version.

Nonetheless it is a step in the right direction. Ale drinking needs young people. We'll see if it leads anywhere.

Stonch will also be glad to know I am wearing some knitwear today. A nice olive green vee neck with a t shirt showing in the vee. I better not wear it with my new Lees fleece I suppose!


Matt said...

Your in danger of appearing Stonch obsessed!

Interesting marketing attempt but does it tie in well with the Old Speckled Hen website? The Old Speckled Hen Appreciation society and the like and even the name Old Speckled Hen? I will leave that to the marketing types!

Tandleman said...


It was Stonch that inspired me to do this in the first place , so why not?

Zak said...

I agree, Matt - the choice of beer seems completely bizarre. Having just spent a metric shedload of money on St Edmunds, the real ale you drink cool, you'd think they'd market that towards younger drinkers.

It's got all the makings of A Bad Idea.

Tandleman said...

I'd kind of forgotten about that I must say!Maybe it is a failing beer like Young's Triple A. Remember that?

Zak said...

Only after you mentioned it!

Tyson said...

Have to agree as well, it's completely the wrong beer.

Triple A? Ah, those were the days. I remember sampling this with Mr Tandle in the Manchester High Street Hogshead. Can't remember what you thought of it, but I do remember you complaining about the price. Guess some things don't change!

Jeff Frane said...

I know you don't have a beard and haven't seen you in sandals (which you probably wear with socks), but otherwise that sounds pretty accurate.

Tandleman said...

I don't wear sandals ever!

Paul said...

I do think GK have lost their way with OSH, perhaps this 'initiative' might help it out. A bit more flavour might be a better option. I have a beard and am prone to wearing sweaters but I'd never contemplate wearing sandals. Sandals are the footwear of choice for a fully fledged arse. As for leather drinking vessels that's real sad git territory!