Friday, 22 February 2008

Liefmans Set to Resume Production

Duvel Moortgat has been granted temporary production rights at its bankrupt fellow brewer Liefmans Breweries in Belgium according to business information company just-drinks. It has been confirmed that the "receivers have permitted it to utilise production on a temporary basis, on condition that Duvel prepare an offer to buy all or part of Liefmans' operations. Duvel has subsequently tabled an offer for what it called "a substantial part" of Liefmans' activities."

Famous for its paper wrapped bottles, the iconic brewer was declared bankrupt in December and production was stopped.It also appears others are interested in the business, but neither the receivers nor Duvel have revealed either who they are or the state of any bids.

So we need to wait and see on this one but cautiously, this seems like fairly good news.


Tom (OBBD) said...

Sounds promising. Whatever a 'substantial part' is, it's got to be a better option than closure - this is definitely a brewery worth saving.

Paul Garrard said...

I agree with Tom. It would be a great shame if these great beers were lost.