Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Beer Stuff

As I sit and write this blog, while looking for inspiration, I often find my gaze drawn to my beer bookshelf. This is it (left)

I have some more of this stuff, but I'm not an obsessive. Right!


Stonch said...

I have that Worthington E jug in my kitchen. I bought it because it matches my splashback tiles. I designed my own kitchen, you know. The key is to buy expensive appliances and make sure it's fitted well - the quality of the units themselves are secondary.

young camra collectiv said...

Interesting looking bottle of Royal Wedding Ale, next to your stash of scooper's tick sheets ;)

Tandleman said...

Higsons of course. Now they are an obsession of mine!

The Southport Drinker said...

I recently posted about how Higsons was "back" brewing in Liverpol but I'm sure you knew that already.

What do you think of the return of the "legend"?

Rednev said...

Higsons was my favourite beer even before I understood what real ale was. I tried the new Higsons around 18 months ago and thought that it was a good effort in the right direction, but not bitter enough. I believe a lot of work has gone into it since then, so I must seek it out.

My favourite Higsons house was the Guest House in Southport, which sold a wonderful pint of draught Bass as well as Higsons bitter and mild. The Guest House remains my favourite pub in Southport with up to 10 well-kept real ales. I must ask Gail who runs it if she might try to put the new Higsons on.

Talking of Bass, I like the cheeky Bass man sign in your photograph. And I've just thought that while I remember the taste of Higsons bitter quite well (as far as you can remember a taste after all these years), I don't recall how Higsons mild tasted at all.

Tandleman said...


I thought the last version of Higson's was very like the old Higgies I knew and supped. I wrote about it at the time here. Like rdenev I thought it needed a bit more bitterness, but it was getting there. I must seek it out again soon. I do remember Higson's Mild quite well but I doubt if I'd know it now if I came across it, though it did have the Higgies "house" taste.