Tuesday, 15 April 2008

What are they up to then?

The Publican, a licensed trade newspaper is running a rather odd reader's poll on its website. It asks the perplexingly strange question "Do over-50s cause problems in your pub?" I can't find anything on their somewhat confusing site to explain what this is all about. What on earth can these creepy old geezers be up to? Whatever it is, although most publicans seem to have no problems with them, an astonishing 26.9% do. What on earth are they (we) doing?

Speaking as a 50 plus person who drinks with a lot of 50 plus persons, I am perplexed. We drink reasonably quietly, spend plenty, behave ourselves and then go home. Any theories?


Stonch said...

It's nice to see a recognition that older people can be troublesome customers as well as the young.

However it would be very wrong to suggest that over-50s tend to be difficult.

Tandleman said...

Problem is that it doesn't give the vaguest idea of what kind of troublesome they are!

Tyson said...

There was a piece in the press about so-called over 50's Saga lager louts. Don't know if this is what the poll was all about. Apparently, they are causing havoc abroad.

Over 50? Drinking abroad? I do hope we're not going to see Tandleman splashed all over the tabloids.

Tom Fryer (OBBD) said...

Perhaps they're planning a similar poll in the near future about under-21s, just to highlight the contrast.

Personally I think over-50s should be allowed to drink in pubs, as long as they do it responsibly :-P

Stonch said...

...and in a special area surrounded by partitions, so they can't glower at the staff and other customers.

Paul Garrard said...

We're a roudy lot us over 50s!
Seriously it's like any generation, you can't generalise although statistically I would have thought we are better behaved than some younger ones. Perhaps it's that we just don't drink vast quantities?

Stonch said...

You see Paul, that's the problem - you say you can't generalise, then you go right ahead and do so.

I imagine the Publican's poll was intended to be cheeky and provocative, and I applaud it.

When you work in a pub, you can't tell who is going to be trouble on the basis of their age. It's the bizarre manner of speech and mad look in the eyes you grow wary of. And trouble doesn't just mean rowdy behaviour.

Jeff Frane said...

Obvious answer: gas.