Sunday, 16 August 2009

Where I Was This Morning

I was in Leeds, at the Palace, retrieving my jacket that I left behind yesterday.

Only around 78 miles in total.


Erlangernick said...

Jacket? It's August. Or was this a formal few beers deputy do?

Can't imagine needing a jacket in *August*.

Woolpack Dave said...

Nick, it's been effin' cold for August. Pack warm and waterproof!

Erlangernick said...

Yes, I see that Thursday might be 12° C / 54° F in Lancaster. That must be about as far beLOW average as the heat wave in 2003(?) was aBOVE average.

Meine Frau will pick up rain pants at the adidas factory store tomorrow.

Will all the 16th century coaching inn pubs we hope to visit be firing up their coal fireplaces?

It's been a bit variable here, but we're just now heading into a week (supposedly) of 25-30° temp's and sunshine. Perfect time to leave!

I'll drink light summer ales in any weather though!

Tandleman said...

Doubt if you'll get coal fires. The forecast this week is quite warm though there will be rain.

My jacket was a light one which in fact I didn't need in the first place. Bloody British weather.

Paul Bailey said...

Been nice and warm down here in Kent. Hope the same applies the day aftyr tomorrow in Bavaria!