Monday, 5 December 2011

A Quick Word of Praise and a Moan

After much nagging, led by me (I think) and supported by many others, the Dean Swift in SE1 sorted out their (lack of) cooling for its cask beers sometime back in what passed for summer. I called subsequently and the beer was much transformed and in a good way.

Yesterday we nipped in again and found the cask beer in perfect condition and temperature. Oakham JHB was the beer and after one, a second was needed just to be sure. It was great too. That's gratifying. Now could they have a word round the corner at another well known venue?

In the same area, both the Horniman at Hays and the Pommeler's Rest, both very reliable in the past, seem to have taken quantum leaps backward in cask beer quality. In the former, the hefty price should at least guarantee a tip top pint.

Both these pubs are Cask Marque. Hmmm.


Neville Grundy said...

Cask Marque say you should report to them any shortcomings in beer quality, including the temperature.

Cask Marque said...

Hi there, absolutely - we welcome all feedback on Cask Marque pubs and the more info you can provide the better.

The Horniman was visited recently and the beer was too warm so we are due to go back shortly to see if the remedial work has been done. The Pommelers was good last time we were there - taken a turn for the worse by the sounds of things!
Thanks, Alastair - Operations Manager, Cask Marque

Tandleman said...

Thanks Alastair. The beer in the Horniman was a bit warm and a lot flabby. Little condition. Basically same problem at t'other with over vented poorly presented, slightly warm beer. Three beers tried there. One in the Horniman.