Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blogroll Deleted. Doh!

Shit.  I've accidentally deleted my blogroll while amending an incorrect entry. Blogger it seems has no way of recovering this.

So, looking on the bright side, I suppose it brings me the chance to bring it all up to date.  If you wish to be on my blogroll could you send me your blog's details and url in the comments column so that you appear when I reconstruct it.  Sorry about this. My fault I suppose, but I still don't understand how it happened.

Of course, if you already appear on my "Latest Blog Info" on the left hand side, there is no need to do so.

In fact I might just add you to that. Or maybe I will reconstruct Blogroll.  Either way it has pissed me right off.


beersiveknown said...

add me if you like!



Neville Grundy said...

Or even, Steve, www.beersiveknown.com?

The Southport Drinker has, sadly, gone invitation only, as has Stonch, so we ordinary mortals are no longer privy to their wise utterances. Any point in them still being there?

Cooking Lager said...

so long as it's it's not bogroll you've misplaced, no panic.

Neville Grundy said...

CL: always getting to the bottom of the matter!

hawthorne00 said...

Try the internet archive, it has numerous snapshots:

Tandleman said...


Brilliant. Thanks so much.

Ben Viveur said...

Not sure if I was on it or not, but, yes, please add me.

A timely reminder as I've been meaning to add a blog roll for about 83 years and singularly failed to get round to it. Now is the time.

Matt said...

Also not sure but my blog is at:

granata said...