Thursday, 21 August 2014

Note for Tegernsee Lovers

I wrote here about my liking for the beers of Tegernsee, a smallish brewery near Munich.  While it is perfectly possible and indeed a very good idea to hop on the train to the lake and drink them at source, you no longer have to do so. To my delight on my recent trip to Munich, I discovered that Tegernsee has opened a pub on Tal, right in the centre of the best drinking area.  Very easy to find it is too, being directly opposite the Weisses Brauhaus and next door but one to Paulaner.

Among other visits, we watched the Netherlands being (unfairly) beaten by Argentina.  We were there until the last kick of the match at around 12.45. Beers were served throughout.  This is a fairly pubby place, with a long bar you can sit at in the front to one side and a number of tables and booths inside.  Off course there is the usual tempting German food.  Prices are reasonable and the staff were smilingly obliging on every visit. Oh. And they sell Spezial, a sort of strongish export style beer which is kind of unique to these parts.  Like Augustiner Edelstoff or Andechs Spezial, it isn't for everyone with a slight sweetness from the full malty body and the alcohol, leading to a bitter finish.  A boys beer at 5.6%, so still (just) in the swoopable range.  Well, I certainly swooped a few.

All we needed to complete our joy was the sadly lacking sunshine, when I believe they put tables outside. Go there if in Munich whatever the weather.

Tegernsee Im Tal:  Im Tal 8, 80331 Munich. Photo: Praying at the Tegernsee Altar.


Curmudgeon said...

You can get Tegernsee Spezial (and the slightly weaker Helles) in bottle at the Bottle Stop in Bramhall.

Anonymous said...

What is typical price you pay in these pubs you go to in Germany? I'd like to visit some time.

Erlangernick said...

Like Auggie Edelstoff in strength, but unlike it in having actual malt character behind the booze! Yes, sweetish, but in an oddly nice, Cheerios sort of way. (Or maybe that's the more standard Hell?)

Nice to hear they've brought drinkable lager to München. Need to get a little gravity barrel of theirs and Auggie's Export to compare side by side, since no one wants to believe the bottles are worthy of comparison.

"Spezial" isn't necessarily so unique to southern Bavaria though, there are a number around up my way, although I think they tend toward the lower half of 5% rather than the upper half. And there are even very dark examples of Export in Franken, which is interesting.

There are Franconians I know that will practically come to fisticuffs arguing about what "Spezial" is or isn't. (For the casual reader: Brauerei Spezial in Bamberg is only coincidentally named, their beers aren't really related to these.)

Barm said...

The strong, pale Spezial in the Tegernsee/Andechs style might be a southern thing. Elsewhere it can tend to be interchangeable with Export.

Incidentally, the locals are not that happy about Tegernseer’s massive expansion, as it has caused the construction of a massive concrete box in the middle of a "landscape protection zone".

Paul Bailey said...

We were tempted to call in at Tegernsee’s pub the other Wednesday, on a very wet evening in Munich. We were looking for a place to eat in, and had tried the Weisses Brauhaus first. There was no room there, so we spotted the Tegernsee place opposite, and despite having been out to the town on the lake itself earlier in the day, were ready for some more of their excellent beer.

The rather noisy crowds watching the football put us off though, so we settled for Paulaner im Tal; virtually next door instead. Will give it a try next time we are in Munich, as it will save a trip out to the lake.

ps.We noticed the construction work going on at Tegernsee, Barm.