Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What Would You Choose?

As part of the year long celebration of CAMRA's Rochdale, Oldham and Bury Branch (ROB)  40th anniversary, and to add to the veritable cornucopia of fun so far, we have another three functions which hopefully will provide a bit of interest and attract members.  In conjunction with JD Wetherspoon's Area Managers and the managers of the three pubs concerned, we have agreed that ROB will choose six of the beers to be sold  in a JDW in each of the three boroughs, on three given nights.  We can choose from the entire JDW list which has over 450 breweries on it. They will even endeavour to find beers, if chosen, from outside that list.  It has to be said that JDW have been amazingly supportive of us in this endeavour.

How are we going about it? Well, at last night's Branch Meeting, we had a draw to select six winners for the Rochdale event.  The idea is that each will select three beers in a first second and third choice, the theory being at least one choice can be sourced for each person. I didn't win a chance to choose, but I do have another two goes at it. The choices were revealed and as you'd expect, at least half of them, I'd never heard of.  Given that there are so many breweries and beers that's hardly surprising to me at least, but you'd be amazed how aghast many people are when talking to me about beer, that I've never heard of a particular beer or brewery they admired while in Budley Salterton or wherever.  But I digress.

If you'd won the chance to select beers, what would have been your one, two, three?

The beers must be currently commercially brewed and be cask conditioned of course.  I doubt if my first choice, Batham's Bitter could have been sourced, but you never know.


Alistair Reece said...

Obviosuly I am biased towards Scottish breweries....

1. Cromarty Brewing - Happy Chappy
2. Kelburn - Dark Moor
3. Windswept - Blonde Ale

Anonymous said...

Dark Star Hophead
Elland 1872
Buxton Axe Edge


Phil said...


Phil said...

If the Black Country lads aren't playing, I'd go for

Spingo Middle
Harvey's ESB
Evan Evans Cwrw*

...the last-named not because I've had it, but because it's probably the closest thing you can get to Buckley's Bitter as was. That, or Conwy Rampart, or failing either of those Felinfoel Chwerw Gorau**.

**'Best Bitter'

Beermunster said...

Stonehouse - Station Bitter
Hobsons - Mild
Salopian - Shropshire Gold

All are brewed in Shropshire, and in my opinion are the tastiest beers from the county. All relatively low alcohol and exceptionally tasty.

Fred Smith said...

1. Hop Back Summer Lightening

2. Martland Mill Clog Maker

3. Old Bog Quarry Gold

Anonymous said...

1) Oakham Citra
2) Windsor & Eton Conqueror
3) Salopian Oracle

Martin, Cambridge said...

Old Tom
Any Brewdog on cask

Neville Grundy said...

1970s choices:

Oblivious said...

My three are
kelham island pale rider
oakham scarlet macaw
Hawkshead windermere pale ale

Oblivious said...
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Oblivious said...
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Oblivious said...
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Dvorak said...

Kelburn - Regnitz (Bamburg red ale. If seasonally unavailable, Kelburn Jaguar.)
Pilot - Moccachino Stout
Alechemy - Citra Burst

Wiggin Mon said...

Titanic Plum Porter
Palmers Tally Ho!
Flipside Russian Rouble

Ed Lea said...

Stamp's.... Swedish Blonde.
Great Heck...Voodoo Mild.
Lancaster ...Archer.