Thursday, 22 May 2008

Kate Garaway is a Lager Drinker

Now I don't watch GMTV, so haven't had the pleasure of seeing Kate, but she is bonny and seems a good sport. She doesn't drink wine, preferring lager. On the F Word which despite myself, I like, she was asked to choose between various lagers. She preferred Asda's Price Right one to Carlsberg's most expensive beer in the world. Not sure what that tells us about either beer, but the Carlsberg looked flatter than a witches tit. She rightly rejected a pizza flavoured beer then tried a "yard of lager". Hmm. I have heard of a yard of ale, but whatever. She got most of it over her chest, but regretfully wasn't wearing a T shirt. Gordon Ramsay got it all over himself too, but who cares about him.

Maybe Stonch should send her some Moravka? Could be just the boost it needs!


Stonch said...

I think she's a bit funny looking, to be honest.

Rednev said...

She needs converting. Over the years I have converted a number of women to real ale. Oddly enough, none of them grew beards, started wearing corduroy with leather elbow patches,jotted their observations in note books kept in inside out plastic bags, etc. I must have failed.

Tandleman said...

redev - She might be up for that. She seems open minded.

Stonch - Shame you think so, but at your age you would probably have a Mrs Robinson syndrome I guess.