Friday, 16 May 2008


I was in the Marble Arch Pub and Brewery last night. They had a beer on, brewed by themselves, called "Well Cut" Mild. A 6% take on Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild perhaps? It wasn't very good, it wasn't a mild, but what it was, was £3.20 a pint. I have commented on their pricing of special beers before, but given that the Manchester Bitter at 4.2% is £2.20, I reckon that £3.20 a pint for a beer that has come 20 feet is pushing it a bit, even if it is 6% and even if it is organic!

There is a lot of odd pricing in this pub, with house beers often more expensive than bought in beers. Queer that!


Paul Garrard said...

I find it amazing how often an ale with a 'Mild' label isn't.

Rarely, can any Mild touch Sarah Hughes.

Tom Fryer (OBBD) said...

Perhaps that's why so many beers that are milds don't have 'Mild' on the label any more - to redress the balance :-)

Tandleman said...

I just think it an odd sample of the style, but Ron P has got me so confused over mild now that I am buggered if I know what it is any more! (-:

Rich said...


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