Saturday, 20 September 2008

Dusanj Brothers Back at Helm at Cains

As widely predicted, not least of all here, it seems that the Dusanj brothers who took Cains to bankruptcy and receivership following their disastrous takeover of Honeycombe Leisure, have picked up Cains brewery and nine leasehold pubs from the administrators. They are also seeking to buy 26 more freehold pubs from the former Honeycombe estate. The amount paid was not disclosed.

In a week where the foundations of capitalism have been rocked to the core, the £30 million losses, now nothing to do with the "new" owners, pale into insignificance. Most of this money is owed to HBoS and HMG, who I suspect have other things on their mind at the moment.

Clever pair of buggers these two, but despite my misgivings about it all, I'm glad Cains is saved!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is good news. Mixed feelings about the brothers but you've got to admire their staying power.

John Clarke said...

The word "scam" spring to mind here. This is nothing to celebrate in my opinion. Apart from the money owed to HMG and the bans there are many small creditors who will get little or nothing from this. In future I for one will look on the Dusanj brother as a paor of spivs.

Tyson said...

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Mr Clarke. A very shoddy business.

Zak Avery said...

It's a fine line between "scam" and "good business", if there is a line at all.

With all the governmental bail-outs and underwriting happening at the moment, I was thinking about applying for help on the basis that business has been a bit slow this year, and I could do with a bit more money.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Zak, my shop specialises in flannels and business is slow, what’s wrong with people are they not washing or something — where do I go for a bail out?