Thursday, 4 September 2008

Strictly Cash Only!

It was quiet in the pub last night. Hardly anyone there, which given the atrocious weather was hardly surprising. I arrived at five in torrential rain, which has done the lane a power of no good whatever and left just before one in an identical downpour. It was a long slow night.

A young couple came in and ordered drinks and a meal. I say young couple, they were to me. To Stonch, the young buck, they'd probably be a couple of middle aged crumblies. When the man of the pair came up to pay, he was shocked to find that we don't accept cards. He had no cash. His lass was potless too, so he had to jump in his car, rattle off down the very bumpy lane and seek a cash point. He left his girl as a deposit.

She was pleasant, chatty and easy on the eye. He returned after about half an hour with the dosh, so I didn't get to keep her. Pity that!


YCC - Dubbel said...

One of my lot recently went to a pub I'd recommended without any cash and had the same issue. Their in-pub cash point (complete with withdrawal tax) was out of action so the landlord leant him £40, despite it being the first time he'd set foot in the place! It worked though - he went back later in the day with the money, stayed for more drinks & has returned regularly. They've since acquired a chip & pin reader.

It's pretty unusual in these parts (suburban London) for pubs not to take cards now, most with a minimum spend policy.

Maybe a polite notice behind the bar would help avoid such embarassment in future - or is it your proven method of hitting on middle-aged crumblies? ;-)

Jeff Frane said...

In the States, I would expect (even in 2008) to spot a sticker on a front window or door displaying Visa or MasterCard . . . If I don't spot one of those and I've never been there before, I ask if they accept plastic.

Of course, I've run into other places where they made "cash only" very clear. Wouldn't hurt to put up a small sign, would it?

Jeff said...

I've never been to British pub that doesn't take cards.

Tandleman said...

Jeff - you never cease to amaze! Others - there is a sign, but it evidently wasn't noticed on this occasion.

Ian said...

"I've never been to British pub that doesn't take cards"

Out of the mouth of babes.

Jeff said...

Of course I probably have been to a pub that doesn't take cards but just don't remember/didn't try and use one. Remember when I said I'd never been to a good pub that didn't do food, then various people pointed out examples I'd actually written about?