Friday, 17 July 2009

Back on the Booze - After a Hiccup

Having been up since four a.m. to catch the six thirty three to Glasgow, I was feeling thirsty when I got off the train at Glasgow Central. I took the short walk to Queen St Station with a view to nipping into the Counting House for a pint. It was just before ten in the morning and a few were in, though no-one was at the bar. I should have been alerted by this, but wasn't. It's a fine big pub, an ex Bank of Scotland HQ with a load of grand features from a time when banks were built to impress. I ordered a pint of Rooster's Oakey Cream just to show I'm not entirely a stick in the mud - well OK because it was right in front of me. "Will you be having breakfast?" was the reply. "Er, no". I had been fed on the train. "Alas" quoth our fair maiden, "you can't be served alcohol until eleven."

Seems the laws have changed. She said as they are designated a tourist zone, no alcohol is allowed without eating, until eleven and then, just two drinks are permitted. I have to say I was astonished. Scotland lead the charge towards UK licensing law liberation and now it seems, they are reversing the process. Another victory to the anti alcohol lobby?

So I sat in George Square for half an hour watching the tourists - yes there were loads of them - and then walked the mile or so to Charing Cross, where my enforced drought was ended by two pints of easy drinking Killellan in a more or less deserted State Bar while reading the Glasgow Herald.

Just to be sure I was really enjoying things, I went to the Bon Accord too, where a very robustly hopped and bittered Inkie Pinkie from Inveralmond reminded me that water and lime is fine in its place, but is no subsitute for good old beer.


Woolpack Dave said...

"Another victory to the anti alcohol lobby?"

Or just over officious council licensing authority. It's probably a condition of the licence.

Welcome back to that land of beer.

Tandleman said...

All over the City Centre it seems and indeed it is a condition.

Curmudgeon said...

Seriously? No bar in the city centre may serve any customer more than two drinks?

This proposal was dismissed as alarmist nonsense at the time, but it seems as though it's now happened.

Tandleman said...

I should have made it clearer that the two drinks rule was before eleven. After that you can get pished.