Saturday, 25 July 2009

Two Good Beers

Just two beers yesterday, both in the Marble Arch and both very good. First Oakham Inferno which was bitter, tasty and very drinkable, though maybe there was just a slight touch of wateriness. Then Thornbridge Kipling which was at first harsh and jaggy edged after the more delicate Inferno, but as you got into to it, a very enjoyable drink, though not a swigger.

The Marble Manchester was pronounced as poor by her indoors. She switched to Inferno and purred happily over it.

Manchester Bitter is usually very good. These things happen.


Paul Garrard said...

Oakham beers are usually very drinkable I find (I drink a fair bit of JHB at my local). In theory Thornbridge beers should be too bitter for my liking but somehow after the initial swig I usually find them most pleasant.

haddonsman said...

Kipling is suffering at the moment, the Nelson Sauvin that Thornbridge use hasn't been at its juciest. Still a quality brew, though.

And this time last week was my first visit to Marble Arch - what a boozer! Sheer class. Dobber and Ginger made for one hell of an afternoon.