Monday, 20 July 2009

Well Spotted

We had the mob from the pub round on Saturday. The beer of choice was Phoenix Spotland Gold, named after Rochdale FC's ground. This is a delightfully pale and hoppy beer which drinks really well. I'm glad I chose it.

The only issue was in the preparation. Tony Allen, the brewer, always conditions his beer well to ensure a vigorous secondary fermentation. He'd certainly done it in spades this time. When I vented the beer, it went off like a rocket, soaking me and a fair bit of the garage in beer. Unusually I soft spiled it. No good. The beer just gushed through. It came through the hard spile a fair bit too, but when it had all stopped, the beer was ready and in fantastic condition. It went down well and the cask was soon drained. If you see any Phoenix beer near you, grab it. There isn't a bad one in the bunch.

When I returned the cask, Tony was telling me he'd been on a six hour trail round Lewes with the Harvey's Head Brewer Miles Jenner and the Brewery History Society. He mentioned that the beer in the brewery was fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Don't spile beer at all if it's that lively - let it breathe. I promise you, it'll taste better for it. Peter Eels - head brewer at Tim Taylor - says he doesn't believe in pegs for his beer at all!

Tandleman said...

It would have been a foot deep on my garage floor. Not great advice I'm afraid.

scissorkicks said...

Completely agree with Tony re. the beer at Harvey's - had a tour there a few months back (with Miles Jenner, who is an engaging and amiable host) and the beer in the sample room was absolutely top notch. They had a special brew - Star of Eastbourne - on around the CAMRA member's weekend, which was really excellent.

I've had Sussex Best a few times since. The aroma and taste take me back to the brewery every time. Wonderful stuff.