Monday, 6 July 2009

Just a Quick Pint

I didn't have much time for blogging in the latter part of last week. On Thursday, meeting up with fellow blogger the Beer Nut took me to central Manchester for a quick pint. We met at four and full of good intentions. Well I was anyway. It didn't work out that way and somehow I found myself on the last bus home at 23.20. We had good beer and bad beer. Disappointingly some of the beer was shockingly warm which I find frustrating. In this era of temperature controlled cellars, there really is no need for it. I didn't take notes though the BN did, so maybe he'll post something in detail.

I will though mention our first pint for a specific reason. I wrote here about a very constructive note I received from a local brewer, agreeing that at times their beer wasn't striking a particularly high or consistent level. I was therefore pleased to try what the BN was already supping, Allgates Groundhop Day. It was just what was needed on a hot day. Hoppy, cool, good bodied and for me, probably, the best beer of the night. So well done Allgates.

There is a footnote to this. I had meant to take the BN a bottle of Lees Moonaker as a present, but in my rush to meet him, forgot it. We agreed to meet up at the Marble Arch next morning while I was on the way to a retirement do and he was awaiting the arrival of Mrs BN. It was very wet and the BN was like a drowned rat. I had a brolly at least. Me and two mates, suited and booted for the "do", knocked at the door of the MA at regular intervals after its advertised opening hour of 11.30 came and went. The staff inside ignored us until we gave up. Bad show. If they were running late, surely they could just have opened the door and told us that?


Woolpack Dave said...

"In this era of temperature controlled cellars, there really is no need for it" - true.

There are reasons why it happens, not excusable reasons mind you, gives me an idea for a post.

The Beer Nut said...

Yeah, I've covered everything except my swim to the Marble Arch, and will probably post it tomorrow. The copy of Hops & Glory which was at the top of my bag now looks like it has been keel-hauled around the Cape.

The Moonraker and glass reached Dublin intact: many thanks for that, and for the company, and for the recommendation to visit MicroBar.

ChrisM said...

I've had that happen at the Marble Arch before, TM. Also, was in a GBG pub last night in the North East (would be rude to name and shame until I've tackled the issue with the owner!) and was horrified to find that the beer was not just warm, but bloody hot! The first time I have ever spat beer back into the glass on the first sip. Must've been >25C!

Tandleman said...

ChrisM - Two bad things!