Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Last Pint in the Cask

When I got to the pub I knew I could only have two pints over the two and a half hours I would be there as I was driving. Choice? Black Sheep Bitter or Landlord. I went for the Landlord, but it wasn't in good form. Muttering under my breath I took it upstairs for the quiz. One of my mates came up and said cheerfully, "I think you got the last pint of Landlord, they are just changing it". Damn. My pint wasn't bad, just not good and someone has to get the last pint I suppose.

Why me though when I can only have two?

I had the weaker Black Sheep for my second pint which was OK if you like that sort of thing. And we lost.


Erlangernick said...

You could've gone back for a taste of the new keg though, and if it was better, just dumped the old one!

Quality has its price!

Anonymous said...

I always seem to get the last pint of Landlord or the equivalent! I've never had a pint that was "on"-- though it seems it is the holy grail of ale? As you say about meantime, it only lives up to its expectations when someone else is drinking it.

Tandleman said...

Ha. Landlord is such a variable beer and it usually varies on the "not as good as people make out" side. Or indeed as good as it used to be. Just now and then though its superb past shines through. One day you might just be lucky!

Paul Bailey said...

Nearly as bad as the last pint in the cask is the first pint out at the start of a session, especially if the landlord has been lazy (or tight!), and not pulled some beer through first. I am always wary of being the first person in a pub immediately after opening time!