Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Days

I note that on this day four years ago, I was singing the praises of cask conditioned BrewDog Coffee Porter, a nice little nine percenter. Won't be able to do that again will I?. Going even further back in November 1996 on the good old Usenet we were discussing Blue Moon by Coors. Did you know it had been around at least that long? Well I say "it". Apparently there was a family of these beers at one time including Blue Moon Nut Brown, American Wheat, Blonde and Blue Moon Pumpkin.  The Belgian style was being compared unfavourably to Pierre Celis's stuff.  Unsurprising really, but it was mostly thought "not bad."

It was still dividing opinions then over whether it was craft beer or not.

 I posted 71 times that November. Another poster at that time was my mate Erlangernick. We go back a bit.


Cooking Lager said...

In four years time you'll be blogging about how craft keg has revolutionized everything, abolishing cooking lager & cooking bitter and saving the pub from oblivion.

Erlangernick said...

Of course I'm quite a different bloke today than back then, being completely ignorant of proper ale. I'd never travelled to Europe or the UK by that Time. I don't think you &I actually met until a few years later than that.