Monday, 26 November 2012

1000 Not Out

 I have always thought that the essence of blogging - beer blogging -is not only opinion, but the relating and contextualising of experience. It isn't just a medium for the wordsmith, but also for the ranter, the raver, the disgruntled and the obsessed, or even those just interested in telling you what beers they drank.  I probably am a bit of all that.  I like to think what I write is broad based and has a reasonably wide appeal, and though pubs are what I like most,  I have no wish to eulogise in Sunday Supplement terms about them, as to me the appeal of a pub is largely personal and often, non transferable.  That's why I don't simply write pub reviews

However this IS my 1000th post so looking back is inevitable. I can't help but notice the difference between blogging then and now. The people are of course mostly different. No Stonch, who was my inspiration in starting this, though I do see his ebullient alter ego Jeff Bell from time to time. Many others have fallen by the wayside too and many more have taken their place. To me blogging is struggling a bit at the moment. Or rather, beer blogging is. I do get the feeling that Twitter has pretty well undermined blogging and though my readership remains high, it is harder to make an impression when attention spans prefer the immediacy of Twitter to the more thoughtful and time consuming blog. Blogging has changed and the contributors have changed with it. For the better? Maybe, maybe not, but it has still been great to be part of it and of course to have met so many genuinely good people because of it, but of course, beer really does bring good people together.

 So I'll keep plodding on.  I actually enjoy doing this. How long will that continue?  Who knows?   Until I have nothing more I want to say, or when I get fed up. That Dear Reader may well be a while.

I'll finish with this link to my own favourite post.  An indulgence I know, but it's my blog, so there.



Cooking Lager said...

Here's to the next 1000. Keep the rubbish up fella, tis a cut above the standard drivel in the blogosphere.

Unknown said...

This comment has no content.

But it was made here.

Not on Twitter.

Having actually read the commendable 1000th entry.

I shall end by saying 'nice one'.

This has been work well done.

Ten-inch wheels said...

Good work, fella. Here's to another thousand.

Bailey said...

Very sincere congratulations. Your blog is and always has been a must-read.

Maybe its because we feel like we're just getting into our stride, but I don't think I feel quite as pessimistic about blogging as you do. Twitter is a great outlet for little bits and pieces, and informal chat, but blog posts and comments are still the best place for an in-depth discussion about a particular position or idea.

Filrd said...

A commendable milestone, it's bloody hard work sometimes. Congratulations

Neville Grundy said...

Twitter is fine for the instant reaction, but it can never be much more than an exclamation, a quick snapshot of what you're doing or thinking. Too instant: all those people being made to cough up by Lord McAlpine.

Blogging is more reflective; you can develop an argument, not just assert an attitude.

And, like it or not TM, I got the idea of blogging from you! I'm up to 740, by the way.

I'll drink to the next 1000!

Cooking Lager said...

Better be quick about, Nev, whilst there's still pubs to blog about, if you wish to hit 1000.

Paul Bailey said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Tandleman. I always enjoy reading your blog, so keep up the good work, and here's to the next 1,000!

Leigh said...

Morning Tand. Firstly, congrats on the milestone. As you say, lots has changed since those early days...and yeah, I would agree that there may even be too many beer blogs out there. I kind of sit in the middle with this. I've seen blogs with little to say come and go, and that will continue to be the case. The ones worth reading will always be read - be it you want to read 'sunday supplement style' eulogising ( ! ), pub reviews or beer reviews. Blogging has to be inclusive - I personally woudln't read stacks and stacks of stats; it's not what I like to read. Other will love that. Keep all your blogs close by and move within that circle - not the entire 'blogosphere.'
that's how I look at it, anyway.
Completely agree re: Twitter. I get slightly annoyed when I put a lot of work into a post that is *supposed* to provoke discussion, only to find a handful of 'good work' tweets in response. A shame, but the upside is that Twitter puts my work in a much larger crowd. You win some...

Anonymous said...

having read your blogs for the last 4 years and have enjoyed your laid back-i am a common man -i enjoy beer -i enjoy pubs style of writing i am surprised that your 1000th post was so should have ranted, this was your chance to let the new bloggers see that sitting on the fence is not what blogging is about.congratulation may you continue for another 1000. cheers john

Anonymous said...

Please tell us you are going to retire.

Coxy said...

There's Ale in the Pub
Red, Brown and yellow
People suppin ' their Hops
People filling their chops
But there's a warnin' sign
On the road ahead
There's a lot of people sayin'
We'd be better off with Keg
Don't feel like Satan,
But I am to them
So I try to forget it,
Any way in a can.

Keep on bloggin in the free world,
Keep on bloggin in the free world
Keep on bloggin ' in the free world,
Keep on bloggin in the free world.