Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Brew Dog to be Top Dog by 2015

In an effort to maintain links with my homeland which I left over 25 years ago, I buy Scotland on Sunday every week. I usually get round to reading it by Tuesday. This morning over my pot of tea, my eye was caught by this article here which among other things, tells me that in June, Brew Dog overtook the long established Harviestoun, as Scotland's largest independent brewer.

No point in repeating the article here, but their ambition doesn't stop there. Brew Dog aim to overtake InBev (of Tennent's Lager fame in this case) as Scotland's biggest brewer by 2015.
It's a tall order, as lager is so ingrained in the system in Scotland, with Tennent's holding an affection that to an outside eye at least, might seem unwarranted. Nonetheless it is a noble and brave ambition, one to sustain them and see them through good times and bad, as (hopefully) their quarry gets nearer and nearer.

Good for them I'd say and good for Scotland's drinkers, even if they don't know it yet!


Tim said...

It's good to see a small business suceed and grow by producing a good product in a sea of mediocracy.
The big corps need to either step up to the plate, produce better beer or 'aquire' the smaller guys to keep in the race. And its blindingly obvious that their campaign is the latter option and then try to convince the masses that good beer is the beer that they sell!

Anonymous said...

They can do little wrong IMO. Currently selling a limited edition case of 2009 prototype brews here and asking customers to help choose which should join their range.

They're bound to be gobbled up, surely?

Alistair Reece said...

Hope to get the case of prototypes sometime this week! The juniper and lemon flavoured wheat beer sounds very interesting, as would be the Czech style dark lager. Have a soft spot for BrewDog as they are from my mum's home town.