Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Brewers Fall Out

It seems that Hall and Woodhouse of Badger Beers fame, have been complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority about a Wells and Young advert. The issue was that the advert, referring to Banana Bread Beer and Waggle Dance, contained the claim “No.1 & No.2 flavoured premium bottled ales”. "Not so" say our Badger friends. At least not for the period claimed. They say that their Golden Glory and Golden Champion, outsold the Wells & Young’s beers during the specified period and, therefore, the advert was misleading.

"Ha" say the Bedford Boys, "Yours are Golden Ales, not flavoured ales, so we are right!".

Picking the bones out of this complex one, the ASA backed H&W, agreeing they are all flavoured beers and that Wells and Young should withdraw their advert.

Reminds me of two bald men fighting over a comb!


The Woolpack Inn said...

It doesn't really need comment - but as chuckled (and having little use for a comb) I had to say something.

YCC - Dubbel said...

No.1 and No.2 girlie ales. Put the handbags down chaps.

Paul Garrard said...

I regret to say I'd favour Badger everytime.

I'll get me handbag then!