Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Festival Beers

In my last post I said we had lots of good beers for Bury.Well here they are. Judge for yourself!

Acorn Barnsley Bitter
Banktop Dark Mild
Banktop Bolton Brau
Boggart Dark Mild
Boggart Chocolate Noir
Boggart Waterloo Sunset Porter
Bowland Real Lancashire Bitter
Bowland Octo-Beer
Bradfield Farmers Bitter
Bradfield Farmers Stout
Brewdog Punk IPA
Brewdog Coffee Stout
Cumbrian Legendary Wicked Jimmy
Cumbrian Legendary Buttermere Beauty
Darkstar Hop Head
Darkstar Over The Moon
Darkstar Best Bitter
Darkstar Espresso Stout
Dunham Massey Chocolate Cherry Mild
Dunham Massey Treacle Treat
Dunham Massey Winter Warmer
Facers Northern County
Facers Landslide
Foxfield Brown Porter
Foxfield Sands
Fyfe Weiss Squad
Fyfe Fidra
George Wright Black Swan
George Wright Drunken Duck
George Wright Roman Black Beer
Greenfield Gardeners Hop
Greenmill Cobra Crystal Wheat
Greenmill Chief
Greenmill Bewitched
Grindleton Ribble Rouser
Grindleton Farleys Dusk
Hopstar Lancashire Gold
Hopstar Singing Mouse
Hopstar Karling
Howard Town Sparrows Nest
Howard Town Snake
Leeds Leeds Pale
Leeds Leeds Best
Leeds Midnight Bell
Little Valley Withens IPA
Little Valley Cragg Vale
Little Valley Tods Blonde
Marble Ginger
Marble Chocolate Heavy
Millstone Royal Oak
Millstone Three Shires Extra
Outstanding Blonde
Outstanding Pilsner
Outstanding White
Outstanding Stout
Pennine Floral Dance
Pennine White Owl
Pennine Pitch Porter
Pennine Sunshine
Phoenix Spotland Gold
Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix Simco
Phoenix Wobbly Bob
Sheffield Seven Hills
Thornbridge Wild Swan
Wentworth WPA
Wentworth Oatmeal Stout

Lists can be boring, but it's my blog!

The photo shows one of Brew Dog's plastic casks, which are a cellarman's nightmare! The metal casks are much easier to handle.


Anonymous said...

Thats as good a selection of porters stouts and milds ive seen for along time .whoever picked that list knows his beer.Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Out of interest, why do you find plastic casks a nightmare?

Anonymous said...

3 from boggart.have you lost your fucking marbles?

Tandleman said...

Sean. Ask the beer orderer. No. Boggart isn't my taste but they do supply a lot of our beers at a good price and their dark beers are much better than their pale ones.

Ben - they slip and slide, have an awkward shape, are hard to tap at beer festivals because of how we have to stillage them and just not as good to work with as metal.

Erlangernick said...

Plastic?!? Why not make your glasses out of plastic then?

Phoenix...Spotland Gold...I think THIS was the best beer that I had on my trip last year. Pity it's such short notice; I doubt I can find a good air fare today.

How about a "heads up" a month or two in advance next year, eh?

The Woolpack Inn said...

I enjoyed the list - it looks good, I'm really sorry I can't be there!

Have you compared the price of plastic against stainless steel?

And as ALL my missing casks went to festivals.........anyway, plastic casks have handles on the bottom which makes it easier to lift onto my tilting stillages.

Ale Louse said...

Lists as good as that are never boring!