Monday, 24 November 2008

The Pub Cat

Maieb mentioned pub cats the other day. I like pub cats and of course, as mentioned here before, our pub has one. I remember her arriving for the first time, shivering with terror, one Saturday afternoon, rescued from Oldham Cats Shelter, by our dog loving landlady. Quickly named "Snug" after the small room off the main one in the pub, she gained confidence and now, amid the many dogs that come on a Sunday particularly, she strides the pub nonchalantly and with a "this is my pub attitude". She is my little pal.

On Saturday, I called for a sharpener after my day out in Chester. Snug was asleep in the empty basket from which fresh farm eggs are normally sold. She likes it there, but usually the basket is full. When this favoured spot is not available, she is likely to be found fast asleep on a stool at the bar, no matter how busy things are around her.

On this visit, the Landlady, woke her up, perhaps unkindly, to put some festive headgear on her. The result was the above photo which the ever patient Snug put up with, with the equivalent of a cat shrug.

The other photo was taken in more normal circumstances. Isn't she great?


Neville Grundy said...

Cats make me sneeze terribly, plus they habitually kill wild birds. The estimates of the numbers they kill vary from 26 million to over 100 million, but to a sweet little moggy they're just free range snacks, I suppose.

Sweet pictures, though. You could use the Santa hat one on personalised Xmas cards.

Tandleman said...

As Snug lives next door to a farm or three, it is mainly mice she kills. So that's fine, isn't it?