Thursday, 1 January 2009

Out With the Old?

Well, yes and no. The New Year's beer finished well, with a couple of pints of very in form Lees Bitter in the Olde Boar's Head. The year finished with less good news, as my little mate from the pub, Tommy died last night. We had only celebrated his 80th birthday a few short weeks ago. Fittingly, it was the landlady from our pub that rang me to tell me.

I didn't have another beer last night, nor after midnight, but today we are all off to the pub as we usually are on New Year's Day. This time we'll raise a glass to Tom who of course would normally be with us.

For our added convenience First Bus are offering no transport, but one of the boys will pick us up and take us part way there. Getting back is not yet computed!

Happy New Year Everyone. Lang may your lum reek!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.
Hope you had an enjoyable drink today despite the transport challenges and the sombre occasion.

Tandleman said...

Cheers Paul. It was very jolly. Life goes on.