Saturday, 24 January 2009

Wrong Again

If you want to know the Champion Winter Beer of Britain, Look at Maeib's blog, not mine. It links to CAMRA HQ.

I could just delete the wrong reference and gloss over it of course, but that wouldn't be right would it?


Anonymous said...

You're right -- it's excellent blogging manners to 'fess up to a mistake. If you just quietly delete or correct the post, some smart arse will catch you out.

There's also a nice bit of blogging etiquette for these situations where you strike thorough through the mistake, put the correct text next to it, and then add a note at the bottom to say it's been updated.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with showing that you are human.

Neville Grundy said...

Ethical to the end, as one would expect.

I enjoyed the festival, leaving after nearly 8 hours, and then carrying on in the Guest House in Southport until nearly midnight. On the train back, there were quite a few punters who had given up queuing and had just gone a pub-crawl in Manchester instead. It seems the festival has outgrown the current venue.

Tandleman said...

Bailey. I have never worked out how to do strikethrough on Blogger. Anyone know how?

Tim said...

Tandleman, you need to edit the HTML and put STRIKE tags around the offending text.
By the way, are you interested in Joining CAMEL?