Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Change of Heart at JDW

Seems that our friends at Greene King have come to an agreement with JDW to replace the 99p Greene King IPA with GK brewed Ruddles Best.

According to the Morning Advertiser, "Wetherspoon chief executive John Hutson said that Ruddles Best would replace IPA this week or early next. He added: “Rather than fall out with Greene King we’re happy to stock Ruddles Best. It’s slightly stronger at 3.7% abv and it’s every bit as good a pint."

I guess we could argue all day about whether it is as good (or as bad) as GKIPA, but GK save face and still get the contract. Win win? Not so sure about that, but if you are inclined for some cheap GKIPA, get in quick!


Curmudgeon said...

Takes me back to mid-80s when for a while Ruddles Bitter (recently increased from 3.2% to 3.7%, and still brewed at Langham) for a while became the leading "ordinary" bitter in former Watneys pubs in the Sarf.

Anonymous said...

I had a pint of Ruddles Best at my local and I specifically asked for it without sparkler. It tasted much better than my dad's, which came with. So although it may be a bastardised version of the real thing if it gets folks trying more interesting beer then I'm for it. It also means I can get a cheap pint when I'm in town.

Gazza Prescott said...

You think Ruddles is interesting beer? You need to get out more.