Monday, 9 February 2009

A Day at my Local

It was a wintry walk to the pub yesterday. Muck spreading was in full swing and the scent of it accompanied us for most of the one mile uphill walk. The lane was covered in an unappealing mixture of slush, mud, cow muck and silage. We picked our way through it, fearing that the many dogs that come to our little boozer would be very smelly indeed. The pub was busy and the beer and company good. There were many dogs and indeed some were smelly, a fact that their owners are either oblivious to, or choose to ignore. A stranger's Jack Russell snapped at the pub cat. Bad form. A murmur of discontent rippled through the room, but Snug, the cat was fine. She retreated to a barstool and went disdainfully to sleep.

We couldn't get our usual table causing much mirth with the staff and regulars. We are so much of a fixture in that position that we look out of place elsewhere. Eventually, nearly two hours late, we managed to grab it and all was well. The Lees Bitter was in fine form. We left in a snowstorm to catch the 18.10 bus, which didn't show. Thanks again for nothing First Bus - the only real blot on a good day.

The second picture shows the back of the fleece the daughter of one of the farmers was wearing. It amused me anyway.


Barry M said...

You mean you don't have a Stammtisch? Maybe you should get a sign made. :)

Barry M said...
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Tandleman said...

we would love to but the pub just isn't big enough to reserve a table. We rely on low cunning usually!

Anonymous said...

you're channelling your bete noire stonch with that post, right down to the use of smaller text for the bit at the end! you love him really!

Tandleman said...

Pete - Stonch isn't my bete noire at all. I read and enjoy his blog daily but no longer comment on it(on his blog anyway - I may do on mine) for reasons already stated.

I was curious about the smaller text bit though. I first used it on 9/12/07. A quick look shows that Stonch wasn't using it then or in the month before.

I rest my case. (-;