Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Voting Over

Well, wasn't that fun? Seems like the term "cask ale" was a clear winner. With 53% of the vote, it could form its own government in this country.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to me was the number that voted for "craft". Still, whatever was voted for, it was an interesting little exercise. Thanks to all 98 that voted. Just for future reference, here's how it went.

52 (53%)
13 (13%)
1 (1%)
5 (5%)
25 (25%)
2 (2%)


Unknown said...

I'm glad handpulled got the lowest. It sounds kind of rude to me.

Or is that just my mind.

Tandleman said...

CAMRA members like it pulled by hand. I believe!

Unknown said...

No, that's it, I've been quite provocative enough for one week, I'm not going to say it. ;-)

Tandleman said...

Well I've teed it up for someone (-;

Neville Grundy said...

Agreed: a bit of fun. 'Real ale' did better than I expected, and is clearly not outdated after all!

Anonymous said...

Oh well!