Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thornham Time

My local has been in the press today. No less than the Daily Telegraph. It is a nicely written piece by Arthur Taylor, who I have met (though quite some time ago) when he came to pick brains for a different article he was writing. He is a nice guy.

He finishes by saying: "The customers are almost entirely local but welcoming, tolerant and utterly at ease with strangers. Quite right. Nirvana is here and it is theirs."

Told you it is good.

Read the article here.


Tyson said...

The Tandle Hill has been in the media quite a bit recently. Indeed, I was due to lead a posse of pilgrims there last week, but my indisposition forced a postponement.

Tandleman said...

If you know of anything I may have missed, do let me know as the landlady is always keen to see such things.

Sorry you have been indisposed. Was it the GKIA? And you leading peeps to a Lees house?

Tyson said...

Don't think I can blame GKIPA for flu. If people want me to accompany them to the pub, that's fine by me-although it's not often it's a Lees pub!

Unknown said...

Is this it?

The pub's web site is still not working, but Google seems to find plenty of good comments for it.

Tandleman said...

Dave - Nearly. The pub is the building with the car parked outside it.