Thursday, 15 October 2009

Out and About

My mate Graham suggests a few pints later - we haven't been out for a while with one thing and another. Shall we meet in Manchester and do the usual rounds?  Boring old places like Micro Bar, The Angel, The Marble Arch and maybe even nip over to the other side of town for a change, to Knott Bar, The Lass o' Gowrie or Kro Bar?  No. We're off to sample the beery delights of Rochdale. It's good enough to compete in so many ways, with quality beer and pubs abounding.  And it'll make a change.

That's the thing about living in a relative beer nirvana. You are spoilt for choice.

Graham with his Mum amd Dad in a famous German pub.


Whorst said...

"That's the thing about living in a relative beer nirvana. You are spoilt for choice."

I know the feeling Peter! You'd do fine in So Cal. Proper Real Keg will treat you right!

Karman said...

Difficult to tell Graham from the other satisfied customers ;-)

Jonathan said...

I certainly always enjoy leaving London for better beerier selections further north. The problem with living in London is that the same selection of real ales reoccur again and again and again (take your pick from Landlord, Pride, Adnames, GK IPA). Now whilst Landlord is a great, great beer I do rather pine for a better selection of ales but it's almost always safety first particularly in the increasingly predominant gastro-ey pubs.

I'd like try, for example, some other beers in the Timothy Taylor range but unless I trek over to the Bricklayers Arms in Putney it probably isn't going to happen in the south.

Erlangernick said...
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Erlangernick said...

Jonathan, please help a poor foreigner out: Do you mean the beer's risky in the gastro-y pubs?

FWIW, I was disappointed with both Landlord and Lee's whilst in Manc in August. Both've changed!

Funny, the air looks surprisingly clear in that Foto. You're supposed to put a glass in the guy's hand when you photograph him though.

Tandleman said...

Nick - he means that gastro pubs just play safe. No adventurous beers.

Erlangernick said...

Yeah, of course. Was too early when I first read that.

Anyway, Sticke? Not for me this month, but maybe in January.

G. Chapman said...

I've been following your blog for a while and enjoy your posts. This one interests me because I've been looking for somewhere new to try out and I wondered if Rochdale would make for a good beer trip? I'm from Blackburn so it's easy enough to get to if it's worthwhile..?