Monday, 1 December 2008

Beef Carbonade

Yesterday, for our evening meal, we had my home made beef carbonade made with Lees Moonraker Strong Ale. Started off in a cast iron casserole dish and finished off in our slow cooker, it was very fine indeed and an ideal dish to come home to after our pub visit.

First Bus even chipped in by making us wait, busless, in the sub zero temperatures until we were cold enough to really appreciate a warming stew. Well done on that one!

"It’s theer mon, rake it eawt " is what the peasants are alleged to have said as they tried to capture the moon's reflection.


jefffrane said...

I'm a big fan of carbonade, although I usually use a Belgian ale. If the beer is rich and dark, I doubt it makes much difference which it is.

Tandleman said...

I used a Belgie beer last time and I have to say the Moonraker probably did a better job. Or was it the Oxo cubes?