Monday, 8 December 2008


We're off there for a couple of nights, with a day in Cologne on the way back. Bit of Christmas Markets, some alt and some koelsch doesn't sound too bad does it?

Be good.


Erlangernick said...

I prefer Feuerzangenbowle to Glühwein. And Alt to Kölsch, by miles, of course. Of course, you might even find Glühkriek that far west.

Do you lot have Feuerzangenbowle over there?

Unknown said...

We had Glühkriek in Brussels. I don't normally like kriek, but that was nice.

tony said...

Im off to The German Markets & Marble Arch on!I will be with you in "Spirit"!Have A Good Time!

Boak said...

Aah...I can't believe it was only four days ago we were knocking back fresh Frueh.

I'm sure you're old hands at this and know this already, but the "Engel" Christmas market at Neumarkt in Cologne is a bit more relaxed than the bit outside the Dom.

Gazza Prescott said...

Let me know how Lommi's old place is... ! Here's hoping they've done the old guy justice.

Tandleman said...

Gazza - To my shame I didn't go there or my favourite Cologne watering hole, Haus Toller. I had a mutiny from herself who felt she had been dragged round enough pubs in D'dorf and was slightly over beered from dodgy Sticke, so opted from the quiet life.

I'll be back though - when the pound recovers!

B&B - I agree about the Christmas Markets though it was peeing down by the time we got to the Dom one, so we bailed out to Frueh!