Monday, 1 December 2008

Plum Pudding

Lees annual festive beer, Plum Pudding, is back on sale and pretty good it is too, with dry plum skins, fruitiness and a clean, bitter, aromatic finish. I finished the session on it yesterday, having drunk some superb Brewer's Dark, the bitter being a bit off the mark on this occasion.

A footnote to this is that it was tried by accident in a way. We were expecting Lees other seasonal, Winter Warmer at the Tavern, but the brewery sent the wrong beer! Ah well, no hardship as it turns out and hopefully I'll try the Winter Warmer at the brewery when I visit on Friday.


Dubbel said...

How does it compare to the Polish plum beer that has featured at the last couple of JDW fests? I liked that one in a sort of breakfast fruit juice kind of way.

Also, we're looking forward to tucking into those six Marble beers at the Bull tomorrow. Apparently the gaffers were held up a bit in Manchester last night, so here's hoping they all settle in time.

Tandleman said...

It is so much better. Doesn't have that unpleasant sweetness and is just a more rounded beer in every way.

Good luck with the Marble beers. I look forward to reading about them.