Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Best Buy in Beer?

When I was a lad, a long time ago, McEwan's had a series of adverts with the McEwan's Cavalier starring in cartoon form. McEwan's aka Scottish and Newcastle, aka Heineken has now re- released one of the cartoons from the sixties as it seems McEwan's has won the number one ale in the Scottish Grocery Sector, presumably for McEwan's Export, a sweet and horrible beer.

I can remember the advert, though it was by no means the best of the series. Just like the beer really!

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TIW said...

I used to like McEwan's when I was a student. In a moment of nostalgic madness I bought a couple of cans a week or so back. It was unbelievably disgusting. So either I've changed in 20 years or the beer has.