Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Follow the Bear

The Publican Newspaper has been digging out some old beer adverts and asking its readers to vote for which one they think is best. They also ask if they have missed any other good ones.

It is a nice bit of fun, which you can find here.

Hofmeister and its bear were killed off in October 2003 by S&N


Neville Grundy said...

I recall a Tetley's Bitter advert in the 1970s in which a beautiful blonde in a white sweater walked into a pub and gave a fellow supping Tetley's a very interested look. He did consider going over to her, but decided to stick with his pint.

Actually, thinking about it, that was a really stupid ad: giving up a gorgeous woman for a pint of Tetley's? But it has stuck in my mind ~ probably because of the blonde.

Whorst said...

I remember Hofmeister. Wasn't it a cheapo lager? Seems to me it was about 3.2% abv. The landlady I once worked for drank it while she did the cooking. I got into arguments with her about Sam Smith's. She didn't think Sam Smith's had a very good reputation in beer circles, but she drank Hofmeister. I still stand by their bottled beers as being excellent.

Anonymous said...

I would'nt show your face at the Aston Arms......I think you are BARRED.....HAHAHAHAHAHA

Tandleman said...

Anon. Don't be silly.

Olthwaite said...

Have you seen Vivian Stanshall's Ruddles ad?

(See if you can spot Dawn French?)

Tandleman said...

Thanks for the link.