Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hydes 4X

The thank you party for staff working at the National Winter Ales Festival was held at Hydes Brewery on Saturday. I didn't attend as it happens, but it was reportedly a "good do". In addition to their normal range, the brewery had kindly put on a cask of their strong 4X ale for the delectation of those attending. At 6.8%, it needs to be treated with respect.

I had invited the Head Cellarman and the Organiser to our pub on Sunday, They turned up rather late in the afternoon, with at least one of them (HC) looking a bit ragged. His first pint didn't seem to be slipping down. I asked him what was up. "Four pints of Hydes 4X on top of various other beers" was the answer. This is not to mention the three pints of Copper Dragon Pippin (each) the three of us had in the afternoon at the "wash up" meeting.

Ah well. As I said, a good do. I'm sorry I missed it.

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