Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lees Brewery Trip

Our CAMRA Branch went to Lees last night. As ever the hospitality was mighty. Pre trip highlights were the Peroni drinking Landlady's (hitherto hidden) ability to swoop pints of John Willie's Bitter down her neck, outpacing me, when we had a warm up drink in a nearby hostelry and the fact that despite me very rarely drinking in said local, I was recognised as the "Beer Man". Fame at last.

The tour was excellent with Michael Lees-Jones, the Head Brewer (pictured) taking one half round and Paul Wood the Brewhouse Manager (Second Brewer in old money) doing the honours for the remainder. Beer and chat flowed, grub was provided and all was well with the world. A good night.

After they chucked us out, the Landlady and I joined our pub quiz team for the second half of our away match against the league leaders. We didn't contribute much funnily enough, but we won anyway. I was still on Lees Bitter, but the Landlady had by then reverted to Peroni, her point having already been proven.

The other photo shows the Landlady listening intently on the brewery tour.


Tim said...

I initially nisread your post and interpreted it as the landladies ability to swoop down willies as some kind of sexual act!

Tandleman said...

That's coz you are a dumb Australian. But you knew that! (-;

Tim said...

I'm not sure about dumb. I do know how to spell because though, which you abbreviate as 'coz. But you knew that too :)

Tandleman said...