Thursday, 27 December 2007

Anxious Moments

My nine of Phoenix Flash Flood has been in my garage for a week now. It has been vented, tapped and properly conditioned, but I have been worried that it won't be right. Why? I do the same for our beer festivals where 70 times as many casks are tapped in less than ideal conditions. The beer is always pretty damn good even if I say so myself. I've been doing it for years and I know what I'm doing, but whenever I have a cask at home, I am a little anxious. You see I am the "beer man" and a lot is expected of me. I have to metaphorically put my beer where my mouth is. In fact I actually have to put my beer where my mouth is, but you get my drift.

I tried the beer earlier. It is cellar cool, clear as a bell, tasty and bursting with condition. I am happy with it though another 15 or so hours before serving it won't do any harm. All that remains is to hook it up to the handpump and then we'll really put it through its paces. It will be served in the Northern way as the brewery recommends. Through a sparkler.

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