Thursday, 6 December 2007

A Tale of Two Wetherspoons

Thinking about my Wetherspoon's fetish, there is a story I'll share about my two "local" London ones. I have another blog, which is really a personal diary. On the 2 November at the beginning of the Wetherspoon's Beer Festival, I wrote this:

"En route to the USA, I am in London so I call into the local JDW (Goodman's Field) with E. After a long wait we are eventually served by a Polish girl who gives us a (very) small bag of peanuts by way of compensation for the wait. Nice. JDW have a beer fest which allows a person to choose 3 x 1/3 pints for the price of a pint, thus allowing you to try more beers. The problem is I have a voucher that allows the purchase of a pint for £1.19 instead of the usual £1.89. The Polish usurper scoffs at my voucher and alleges I can't use it for three thirds, despite all the advertising saying have a go at three thirds for the price of a pint. I argue that logically my voucher is valid for this and point out politely that she is wrong. I ask that she consult the manager which she does reluctantly. He shrugs which I take it to be OK. Our fair Polish maiden is not happy. She says if it wasn't so busy she'd take it all further. I am incredulous. I know she is wrong. In a piece of silly vindictiveness, she snatches back my compensatory nuts. I say nowt, though this is done in front of all the other customers. I am kind of incensed, but faintly amused at the same time, though I'll take this further elsewhere quoting chapter and verse.

We move on to the next JDW, (Liberty Bounds) nobbut a cockstride way. This is a city JDW and thus £2.20 a pint. The operative consults about my voucher, comes back all smiles and says "No Problem". He then helpfully talks me through the available beers. 6 beers are duly selected and two vouchers used. Fantastic! I really wonder where our Polish lass was coming from. To serve the public you have to have common sense, not to mention politeness, and an idea about customer service. Wetherspoons are meant to train them in at least the latter two. I reflect ruefully on her attitude and her sheer cheek. On this showing, there is a way to go for this young lady at least!"

Of course I didn't take this any further, but I should have.


jefffrane said...

Your Polish friend should just have thrown you out, ya cheap-o. Probably didn't give her a tip, either, did you?

Tandleman said...

Didn't get as far as the tip before she blew it!

Anonymous said...

We don't tip in British pubs.

Tandleman said...

As a rule there is no obligation, but we do in the North West actually. Here we usually say "put 20p/30p whatever" in the jar/pot etc. We also offer a proper drink from time to time, paricularly where service is good or the staff pleasant. I believe it isn't unknown in the South to say "have one yourself". though I also understand that is making yourself a hostage to fortune!

Tyson said...

I usually say "have one yourself" expecting, as you say, a nominal fee to be deducted. Occasionally, they will actually have a drink, which is also fine. However, I have been tricked by barstaff who deduct the full cost of a drink as a tip. Now that is naughty.

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