Friday, 14 December 2007

Still Too Expensive

Yesterday I met my mate Graham, fellow CAMRA Chairman, for a pint in the Marble Arch. I had Manchester Bitter which I thought poor and Janine's One which I thought better. We did a quick Northern Quarter crawl calling next at the Smithfield where decent pints of Osset Pure Gold were quaffed and then across the road to the Fringe Bar where Downton Dark Delight was smooth, dry and I suppose a Porter in style. In any event a decent drop. Then to the Crown and Kettle where the place was shut for a private function. Thanks Guys!

We decided to part the ways and as I needed to catch a bus outside the Marble Arch, I went in again, this time trying McKenna's Porter which was rich, smooth, dry and satisfying. Whoever brews the dark beers here knows their stuff. My bus beckoned and I looked at the display of Decadence Imperial Stout and thought again about the magnificence of the dark beers brewed here. Did I buy one? No!