Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Party Barrels

Fuller's In-House magazine has just dropped through my door and among the usual self congratulatory stuff you tend to get in these things, I note that they are encouraging take home cask beer. It is not a new thing I know, though maybe it is for Fullers. It seems the beer will be available in 34 pint polypins, as well as mini barrels and even two pint cartons. More importantly they can be ordered from any participating Fuller's pub. There is a choice of Pride, ESB and Gales HSB.

I think this is a good thing, though Fuller's would not be my first choice. Why don't more breweries do this? I do know there are a limited number that already do, so if you are having a party or just fancy some real beer, why not ring your local micro and ask them?

I am ahead of the game and I and my guests will enjoy a nine of Phoenix Flash Flood over the festive period.


Tyson said...

Definitely a good idea, but is a two pint carton really worth taking away?

Tandleman said...

Depends how long the walk home is!

Stonch said...

The two pint cartons are prominently displayed in the brewery's managed pubs in my hood.

The idea doesn't appeal to me, if I want to drink beer from the pub, I drink it in the pub.

Anonymous said...

As for beer delivered to your home, does anyone else remember the TV adverts in the 1960s for "Davenports, beer at home, Birmingham"? As I was in junior schol at the time, I have never tasted it, or met anyone who has.

Tandleman said...

Stonch. True, but of course in the case of the two pint thingy, you are likely to be in the pub anyway and just fancy some more while watching Newsnight or whatever, though it doesn't appeal to me either. I haven't had the party cans so can't comment. As for polypins, they are likely to take the place of cheap, processed shite. I have had cask contioned beer from them many a time and it is good.


Did you ever answer my query about Holts in Kew?

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